So the past few days have been pretty cool, the three best things that have happened in my life are as follows.

1. I got into Florida State University, they are the first college to send out admission descisions, so no matter what i am going to college Yay!.

2. Lexie is in town, and even though I feel kinda sick, we have had some fun, she has come to GHS for a day and things have been good since =).

3. I have driven to school the past few days and i have taken Rachel with me. Today we saw the “Hot and Fresh” sign on at Krispy Kreme so i pulled over and bought a dozen hot fresh doughnuts and Rachel and I ate them. We shared the majority i had left over of course. But it was a pretty fun adventure with Rachel, and i enjoy our time together =).

Speaking of enjoying time with the punkface, I wrote a big long blog on the bus the other day about how i am lonely without anybody to ride with me and i have posted it as follows.

So, I know this is going to sound pretty lame, but I have been thinking about it and when Rachel is not on the bus I can never talk to or sit with other people. I am not entirely sure why but I feel  like the big reason is that Rachel is somebody I enjoy sitting next  to, she is smart and pretty and can hold a good conversation. The “stock” of the kids who ride my bus are not of the most fantastic quality… In fact most of them are pretty obnoxious. There are a select few that I have formed mild acquaintances with. Beyond that there is very little interaction between me and the others. As it is I feel like I am a polar opposite of just about everyone I know… And maybe I am going to far when I say that. Maybe my state of mind is just that of a different age.

Is it possible, nay probable that I somehow skipped a huge block of my personal development? Maybe I have made myself think and moved beyond the maturity levels that I was suppose to incur later in life… Or maybe even it is just arrested development- who the hell knows? I am no psychologist by any means, perhaps Piaget can help me
understand why I am the way I am.Personally I was never a fan of psychoanalysis. In my opinion Freud had good methodology just bad theories. He spent his whole life trying to be profound and famous; I think he was just trying so hard that he began to force his ideas until they became pathological. On the subject, I was never really a fan of psychometric test either. Who is to say that my state of mind is quantitative? IQ is a bunch of bull honky in my opinion. While it does carry some weight it is very culturally based. For instance if I were to take an IQ test in German I would probably score high enough to be considered mentally retarded… Whoo…

That huge digression aside the big moral of my story is that I wish Rachel road the bus home more often. I am lonely when I have nobody riding with me. Even if we don’t talk, I like knowing she is there next to me. *sigh*…. And such is life