So, it was a good weekend these past few days, i talked to Lexie a bit, and i hung out with the guys on Saturday. Since i started puting my Zine into production Friday I was able to finish on Saturday and then drop them off at Wayward Council with Zach. In retrospect i should have paid the $2 setup fee. But instead for the first 5 I just donated them. I will get it eventually.

When I finally got home on saturday which was around 8pm, I stayed up till like 1:30 am finishing up home work so that I would not have to worry about it on Sunday. That was an AMAZING descion because I did not feel like doing home work yesterday… no not at all.

I wrote about 3 letters to people on One of the letters has a love note in it that i have never sent. Apparently people like those kinda things, and i had some feelings to work out, so it did not bother me to write one. Who knows, maybe i will re-write it someday and send it. But only when i feel ready.

School is starting soon, there are a few things i need to do quickly after school either today or tomorrow, and that is go to my moms and get all my shit that is there, and drop by Central Florida Office Supply to get a new typewriter ribbon, because mine is about worn out. I cycled the damn thing like 10 times and i am not sure how many times is the norm before replacement.