So I just had the best idea ever and it all stemmed from an idea that was also good, but still in development. I went to Walmart today because i needed a voice recorder, and it was imperative that i got it as soon as possible.

You see, i try to write down all the profound things that Owens has to say in class but the damn guy expound profound ideas like a freaking snow blower… It is overwhelming. SOOOO i got a voice recorder to capture everything he has to say in it’s purity and inflection. I was not sure what i was going to do with the invaluable information up until a few minutes ago.

I am going to make a Zine!, and I am going to try to put one out at least once a month, and at most once every two school weeks. I have even come up with a name for the Zine, Awake In Class, fictitious tales from the sanctuary. It is going to feature Owens in his own words, tales from the class, and of course a The Best Of The Jumble section. it is going to be tough but it can be worth it. Lets see how it turns out, i am so excited =).