There have been a lot of things changing over the past few days. I hung out with Lexie over the break again on Saturday after tail gating at the gator game. I took her home and had a nap with her. It was not long until she was turning over in grief because she had a terrible stomach ache. I ended up driving her home and then driving the car to my dads work so that I could ride my bike to Clemens house where there was a sort of party going on. I ate like 5 shikabobs and a bunch of really good food. Lindsay and Clemens disappeared for a little while and nobody knew where they were. Apparently they went back to Lindsay’s car to make out. This was strange for me to hear because Lindsay is not the kind of girl to make out with really anybody. Of the $25 I found on black Friday I gave 10 of it back to Rachel for when she gave me money to drive her to practice. I do not need the $10 and I would drive her to practice anytime for free and she knows that. I did 9.5 hours of homework last night and as it turns out I really didn’t have to… Lame… So I am not going to do anything tonight

I am writing letters and making ATC’s or small arts to send to strangers on Sendsomething.Net. It turns out it is actually really hard to just mail a stranger, I want to mail people my age but there is nobody as young as me on the site. This is kind of a let down because I want people to mail that I can at least identify with. However I like the idea of older wiser friends.

So this kid at my school max turner got arrested for a DUI, I will post a link to his mug shot. Anyway I hate drunk drivers the statistic for bicyclist killed by drunks is outrageous. I ride my bike a lot and I think about getting hit by drunk drivers all the time… It really is scary to ride my bike and realize that that might be the day I die. I also hate seeing ghost bikes around town. Every time I ride up 75th street I see one chained up to a tree in this ladies front yard… That could be me… It freaks me out a lot. That is why I don’t feel bad for Max I know too many people and have heard too many stories of people being killed by drunk drivers. I hope he learns his lesson as he is rotting in jail right now. I hate the idea of being run down doing something I love. I really truly hate alcohol abuse, especially in America where the sole idea of drinking is to get drunk.

I am going to try to go to my mom’s house now after school to steal her typewriter, or maybe not, idk, I am spending a week there while my step dad (the reason moved out) is in china on a conference thing for his school. Other then that and homework I am just kind of sitting sleepy and thinking. I am glad I got to get a good blog done today. Dandelions are my inspiration.

Hey, well I drove to my mom’s house and got the typewriter and through a long arduous process got it working and typing pretty decently again. I wrote something like 4-5 letters and now I don’t want to go to bed.